IELTS TOPIC VOCABULARY TRAVEL: Here are the words and expressions that help you express your answers better about travel and holiday. 


Talking about Travel or Holidays is not rocket science in IELTS as most of us enjoy traveling. We can always articulate our thoughts about travel most especially if we have great memories. However, to develop your answers best, you need to apply some specific vocabulary or expressions in order for you to sound more eloquent and interesting.



Accommodation [noun] – room or rooms in which a traveler stays; arrangement of travel

I recommend ABC Travel Agency as they provide excellent accommodation with a reasonable price.


Breathtaking view [adj.] – a beautiful view

New Zealand has breathtaking nature that travelers must consider visiting.

Synonyms: magnificent; superb; picturesque


Bucket list [noun] – a number of things to do or things to achieve that a person hopes accomplish for his lifetime

Skydiving is on my bucket list, I really want to do it very soon.

Hostel [noun] – inexpensive establishment which provides cheap food and lodging for students or travelers

If you’re a budget traveler, staying in a hostel can really help you maximize your money.


Itchy feet [phrase] – if a person has itchy feet, it means he has a strong desire to travel

The travel I had in Mongolia gave me itchy feet that I wanted to travel more.


Itinerary [noun] – a planned journey or route of a person’s travel

I don’t really make itinerary when I travel as I want to surprise myself of discovering places on my own.


(Go) Off the beaten track [expression] – a place where only very few people go

The village we stayed for a couple of nights during our trip in Geneva was off the beaten track.

Synonyms: in the middle of nowhere; remote


One for the books [expression] – used to say that something in surprising or unusual

I could never believe swimming with whale sharks in the Philippines. It’s definitely one for the books.


Tourist trap [noun] – a place where many tourists visit

I don’t care if the Great Wall of China is a tourist trap, I still want to pay a visit there.

Wanderlust [noun] – having a strong desire to travel

Young people nowadays are undeniably pursuing their wanderlust as they usually believe that life should be enjoyed through traveling. 


This post, IELTS TOPIC VOCABULARY TRAVEL, gives you an idea on how to use the words and expression related to holidays. Make sure to use any of these when you answer questions about travel. 


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