IELTS Writing Task 2: Plants and Animals. Discussing both views and giving an opinion. 


Human activities have negative effects on plants and animal species. Some people think that it is too late to do anything about this problem. Other people believe that effective measures can be taken to improve this situation.

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Human activities have negative effects on plants and animal species. Some people think that it is too late to do anything about this problem. Other people believe that effective measures can be taken to improve this situation. Discuss both views and give your opinion.






Although it is thought that improving the conditions of plants and animals after being impacted negatively by human activities is impossible, some people think that it can still be helped through adopting effective measures.  In my opinion, the problem can be corrected through education and the stringent execution of punishment against offenders.




Impact [verb as used in the sentence] – affect; influence

Adopt [verb] – follow; use 

Correct [verb] – to fix what is wrong

Stringent [adj.] – strict; precise; severe

Execution [noun] – the putting into effect of a legal order


On the one hand, some people believe that the problem suffered by plants and animals, as a result of people’s way of living, can be improved through feasible solutions and I agree. Firstly, the public and business organizations need to be properly educated about the importance of protecting all kinds of plants and animals. That is making them understand the role of those living things in the ecosystem. In addition, they have to be educated on the environmental laws about animal rights,  poaching, sustainable logging, and land conversion so they will become aware of the consequences if they violate the law. Secondly, the government should stringently execute punishment towards environmental law offenders, as this will drive all citizens to respect the laws religiously.




Feasible [adj.] – practical; workable

Sustainable [adj.] – able to be maintained at a certain level 

Poaching [noun] – the illegal hunting or capturing of wild animals 

Land conversion [noun] – the conversion of agricultural lands into industrial or residential

Religiously [adv.] – to do something regularly and seriously


On the other hand, it is thought that the dialogues on the improvement of environmental problems that pertain to the protection of plants and animals are unworkable. This is because of the incompetency of some government leaders who cannot sternly take action to address and resolve the exploitation of natural resources due to business interests. For example, some leaders steadfastly support mining that evidently destructs the entire habitat of plants and animals, as they believe that it is best for the country’s economic development. Consequently, people become pessimistic about the resolution of the problem. In addition, people’s ignorance about the environmental laws makes them care less about their actions which irrefutably harm plants and animals. 



Pertain [verb] – concern

Sternly [adv.] – in a serious or severe way especially when asserting authority

Steadfastly [adv.] – in a resolutely and unwavering way

Destruct  [verb] – cause deliberate damage

Pessimistic [adj.] – unhopeful

Irrefutably [adv.] – in a way that’s impossible to disprove


To conclude, while people differ in their opinions, I believe that when the government, the public, and business organizations work together, the improvement of the conditions of plants and animals can be attained.



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