On this page, you will see my essays for both Task 1 and Task 2. For transparency, I did not get a band 9 in the writing section. However, I am currently studying IELTS Writing to improve my writing skills. 

I have decided to take the IELTS exam either in October or November this year (2021) for the sole purpose of seeing if my writing skills have improved. I aim to get the highest band score in writing and these days, I have been training myself to write lots of essays.

I am documenting my journey through publishing my finished essays on this website. I would love to share my essays with you all to inspire you. I know that when we are determined to improve, we can surely attain our goal. So, let us learn together and improve our writing skills together. 

I am looking forward to achieving our target band score in writing. Yes, we can do it! I will surely update you with my score in the future. 


Lots of love, Julius