This website is created to provide professional help to students and professionals who aim to get a band 7.0 or higher in the IELTS Speaking exam.


I will be sharing ideas, techniques or strategies on how to answer questions well and with confidence. I developed my own techniques when I was still studying IELTS and applied them during my actual IELTS Speaking exam which really helped me get a band 9.0.


As I am a teacher of IELTS specializing in speaking, I will be sharing the latest questions and some modified questions that are shared by my students.


I will also feature IELTS RECENT TOPICS WITH SAMPLE ANSWERS that are equipped with the lexical resource, different types of sentence construction, and pronunciation for you to be more familiar with the use of the English language. All these things will be your guide in improving your communication skills and in collecting ideas of the different topics for the IELTS Speaking exam. 


All the things that I have written and posted on this website are all original and the ideas and strategies are based on my first-hand experience as a former examinee and now being an IELTS Speaking coach.


This is simply made to give you guidance and ideas on what you can do before and during your actual IELTS Speaking exam, needless to say, aim to help you reach your target band score. I hope you will consider ieltsDragon as one of your IELTS Speaking resources. Thank you in advance. 


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