MUSIC IELTS VOCABULARY: Study the words and expressions below that you can use when talking about music on your during your IELTS Speaking exam. Learn them by heart and use them naturally. 


Everybody loves music. Don’t you? One of the common topics in IELTS Speaking is Music. You may know some music genres which is really helpful to talk about music, however, that is not enough to deliver answers which are intelligent in terms of music. Below are some suggested words or expressions to use when talking about music.




Catchy tune [adj] – a tune or a song that is easy to remember and easy to sing

Most children’s songs have a catchy tune that even adults could not help but sing.


Elevator music – music that is played in malls, supermarkets, or restaurants that is repetitive and becomes annoying to some people

Ariana Grande’s latest single has become elevator music.


In (or out of) tune – correct (incorrect) intonation or pitch

Some professional singers become out of tune during concerts.

In time to (the) music [phrase] – when you are playing, singing, or dancing and you are in the time of music, it means you are doing it right that you are following the music correctly

Her dance moves are in time to the music.


Instrumental [adj] – music that has no vocals just instruments

Instrumental music is really soothing when meditating.


Last song syndrome [expression] – a kind of experience in which the song continually repeats on one’s head although it is not playing anymore

I believe I’ve got the last song syndrome of Calum Scott’s Dancing On My Own.


Mellow [adj.] – soft; relaxing; calm

I avoid listening to mellow music while driving as I may fall asleep.


Melody [noun] – a part of musical composition concerning the arrangement of a single note to form a gratifying sequence

The melody of most music in the 70s is completely different from modern music.


Music genre [noun] – the type of music which includes:

Classical – music that has  long-established principles, traditions like that Mozart’s

Rock – the use of amplified musical instruments such as electric guitar, bass, drums

Pop – from the word ‘popular’ or ‘chart music’; it is the modern type of music which is originated in the US and UK

Indie (independent) – music that is not affiliated with major record labels, more artistic since it is made under restrictions of commercialism

Independent music is the only music genre that I listen to as I can feel the creativity of the artist.


Turn down (up) – to reduce or minimize (volume up)

Please turn down the radio, the music is so annoying.

Every time I hear my favorite song on the radio I always turn up the volume.


This post gives you an idea on how to talk best about MUSIC. This IELTS TOPIC VOCABULARY MUSIC is a great guide in providing you on how to express your answers in a more natural way. 


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Meaning of Words and Phrases Sources: Collins, Macmillan, Cambridge, Oxford

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