In this part, your ability to tell a story in an organized way with confidence using the English language is what being evaluated here.


This is challenging as you will do a monologue based on the task written on the cue card given. A cue card is where the main task is written with the four key points as a guide. Well, you do not need to address all of them, its purpose is to just give you an idea of what you can possibly talk about.


During the exam, the examiner gives you a cue card, a pencil, and a piece of paper for you to take notes. After a minute of preparation, the examiner will get the cue card back (In my experience the examiner did this, some examiners just let their examinees hold the cue card while answering.) and ask you to start answering for 1-2 minutes. After your delivery, the examiner asks round-off questions about the subject of your story.